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Youth Hockey
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Re: Need Input

Johnny #5
Call your local rink and ask for a figure skating coach who teaches hockey players. Go consistently. 1 week clinic isn\'t going to fix anything.
Good advice, thank you. My goal in looking for clinics now is to find the right long term private instructor.
My best advice is to find a method and stick with it for a very long time. Skating mechanics is very hard to fix, and you won't see results for a long time.

But honestly for a 2013, it doesn't really matter who you use. My kid went to a professional figure skater and he was put through the same edge drills they do in skills, which you can also find on YouTube. In the end, what really did it for him was years of going to public skating by himself and working on one drill at a time. Not every kid will have the patience for that, but if your kid isn't willing to put in the time to work on these little things, the teacher won't make a difference. I've seen some kids do power skating for years and still skate like they're carrying a fridge on their back.

Having said all that, it is helpful to check in with a professional every now and then. My kid primarily learns from YouTube and checks-in with the figure skater maybe once or twice a year too.

Re: Need Input

Take a look at your players quad, core and glute strength then ask yourself if he is efficient (achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense). Secondly, analyze his stride by looking at his stride width (you can find info on this easily). Third, take a look at his arm swing and adjustment to stride during his start to maximum speed.
Fourth, dont waste your money on a in season clinic with a player his age. Fifth, take a page out of Sweden youth hockey and spend time and money on making him a well-rounded athlete.