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Re: Hockey camp on Nantucket?

No one is doubting that there are rich people on Nantucket, trust me I know. Clearly this guy is looking to make money off of these people which you can't blame him for. I am not sold on the likely hood of getting that many people on 4 days July 10th - 14th of the whole summer. There could be people there that might not even heard about this. Anyways, clearly you're routing for the success of this program. I just think there'd be more interest off island.

Re: Hockey camp on Nantucket?

Poor people are the worst.

Re: Hockey camp on Nantucket?

poor people will pay for hockey...they just won't go to Nantucket to do it, lol

Re: Hockey camp on Nantucket?

There is a need. They are filling a need.

People laughed when the Lovell’s were going to the vineyard for skills once a week and then camps in the summer too.

Re: Hockey camp on Nantucket?

Strong hockey culture on the island. Youth hockey and Nantucket High have vibrant programs and they love when camps and clinics go over. And yes, tons of summer residents are also hockey families. This offering will do just fine.

Re: Hockey camp on Nantucket?

Makes all the sense in the world. Yandles run a camp and rent a house for 2 weeks and get to write that off as a lodging expense. They also get to improve their kids ability and get a great vacation for free. Wake up people. It is really for them but if you're in the area the area they are happy if you join.

Re: Hockey camp on Nantucket?

Who cares. Most people don't.