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Youth Hockey
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Re: Lovell and the EHF

Not this year. My kid is an 09. There is absolutely zero comparison between talent at E9 and EHF. There are some good players in the E9. But the top u14 teams next year will be littered with EHF kids. There is a reason why Rats and Whalers go after EHF kids. There is a reason why Mount only scouts EHF games.

I will,say that after the top 20 percent ehf kids get taken out, the rest of the fed looks like the top 20% of e9 kids. But the top 20% kids is what makes the ehf so much better. The E9 doesn’t have kids like that. And the fed (minus bandits) doesn’t have bottom half e9 type kids. There is a significant difference in talent at 09 level.
Weird Mount was at 3 of my kids E9 games because he’s looking to find 4th liners from Rhode Island to be full payers so his golden boys can go for the donut.

Yes the team was the Saints