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RI Selections

Complete joke.

Re: RI Selections

Who did they miss at 06 and 07 ?

The best 07 goalie in the state didn’t tryout? Other then that looks pretty accurate other then 1-2 kids which happens every year.

Re: RI Selections

Did RI have the 08 tryouts yet?

Re: RI Selections

Complete joke.
Wait a minute…. They play hockey in Rhode Island… wow.. who woulda thought 😂😂😂

Re: RI Selections

Where is the list

Re: RI Selections

Not a shock ... all political and this one shows. Blatantly obvious they don't have independent evaluators and team was pre picked. All top players for all positions in state were there ... just didn't pick the right ones in all positions. Must be good to be friends with coaches and organizations