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Re: When do the skills kick in?

The skills might never kick in. Not sure why everyone thinks just because they spend a lot of money on hockey skills that they\'ll create a hockey player. The kids have to want it.
>>Not sure why everyone thinks just because they spend a lot of money on hockey skills that they'll create a hockey player.

I think people equate skills with being a hockey player because they haven't learned better yet. Over time, they'll learn and then try to tell that to the new parents, who won't believe it and will still pay for them, and the Circle of Life will continue.
Yeah it's interesting. There are so many places to get skills at these days...seems like lots of former pros are offering their skills knowing the parents are desperate for it. I've even heard of parents who get their hockey players figure skating lessons.

I've noticed a few kids who seem to do really well in practice. They get the puck in the net every time it's their turn to shoot, they even know some trick, but in the games they don't always perform. 1:1 skills with an instructor seems to be all the rage but I can't help but question how does that carry over to an actual hockey game sometimes

Some parents spend tons of money and lots of time traveling and get frustrated when their kid isn't the best.

Re: When do the skills kick in?

I spent over 12K on hockey skills last summer for my 2015 bender. Still can't do a "Mohawk" Did I get screwed?
Yes. He could have worked on that during public skate hours for 5 bucks.

Re: When do the skills kick in?

Here is a hint.
First your kid tells you he loves hockey.... good start

Now you ask him/her if he wants to go skate for fun one day. (no stick, no puck, no pads) just skate around. And he says why, not really, or just no thanks......

your kid is a dreamer, not a hockey player.

You know why your kid likes soccer???? B/c he already knows how to run, and doesn't think he needs to work on it.

Re: When do the skills kick in?

I will say I notice a lot of judgement from other parents towards parents who might take hockey more seriously than they do and sign their kids up for additional skills. I try not to judge unless someone seems nuts (I've met a few so far) but parents are different. Some believe that to be good at something you need to constantly work a it, others seem to think a laid back more approach letting the kid take the lead is the way to go.

I mean school should be #1 right? Hockey should be treated as an extra curricular activity but too many parents these days seem to think otherwise. I again try not to judge but I just think many parents are getting ripped off by all these fancy skills and private lessons. Even if you have the cash to burn it's time consuming. Lots of parents will never admit it was a waste because then they just look the cycle of parents doing this just continues.