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Re: PRO Ambitions Summer Prague/Europe team question

Prague great city to visit if you’ve never been, you meet a lot of great families and the sightseeing and experiences are nice. Very well run trip in terms of logistics and the tour guides are fantastic. A cool experience in general but buyer beware when it comes to the hockey (bring check will play). Older teams may be different? Just adjust expectations if the hockey is primary reason for going and not the travel experience and hopefully it will work out well depending on the families that commit.
First time, long time: There are so many sh*t pats on this board, I check in once and a while to get a good laugh… this response was thoughtful and informative. Well done. Now back to what mom is banging the coach to get her bender on the EHF Platinum team…

Re: PRO Ambitions Summer Prague/Europe team question

if the check clears you will get a jersey. this is for kids that can't make AAA elite teams for winter so the parents now have something to post on fb about how special little johnny is playing in prague

Re: PRO Ambitions Summer Prague/Europe team question

pay to play.
But it is legit in the sense that the trip is organized and the kids will play hockey.