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Re: Atlantic Coast Elite Hockey

Seems like a bunch of butt hurt people trying to put down an organization that is trying to do their best like any other organization

Re: Atlantic Coast Elite Hockey

Which is great just don’t be a s***bag texting players mid season about quitting teams and promising them USHL skates when there isn’t a kid in that program that can ever play in the USHL let alone NAHL or NCDC.

Re: Atlantic Coast Elite Hockey

Not so.

There is one. The D that is on the ice 75% of the ice. (And deserves to be.)

Re: Atlantic Coast Elite Hockey

Not one player that is USHL type player is playing in this joke of a program.

Owner and coaches think because your a decent U16 player you can play in the USHL and D1. A bunch of low end d3 players that are doing online school and missing out in a social life.


Re: Atlantic Coast Elite Hockey

All the best players are gone next year to other programs.

Thanks for the free ride MT and summer team parents