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Re: 2011 EHF will be like E9

Next year EHF will be the same as E9. Top teams just crush everyone and the rest all suck. I hate the Q tournament. It destroyed the league. This year EHF was very equal next year not a chance.
The Fed always looks like that in the Q year.
Two teams in the top 10 in the country. 3 if you include Mid Fairfield.
2 more in the top 25.
2 more in the top 35.
The rest scattered between 35-60. The 2010s didn’t move much because it had already happened and the eagles and flames were already loaded. The 2009s never moved because of Covid. But this happens almost every year.

Yeah with the first e9 team coming in around 25-30
Not in the Q year….first e9 team usually around 50