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Re: Tewksbury being Tewksbury

Eye for an eye. Have #42 line him up, he looks like he's 17.

Re: Tewksbury being Tewksbury

Sounded like sarcasm from the other side

Re: Tewksbury being Tewksbury

Tewksbury Pee Wee “Elite.” Sunday. Wellesley. Rink 1. 2:20 game start time. 1:00 left in the 3rd. Down 6-3. Same kid that had like 8 misconducts and got tossed from a handful of games last year for multiple majors and hits from behind. What a track record with this kid. Parents must be super proud. I can hear them both now. “But he didn’t even do anything!” Total s***.
See it here;

Re: Tewksbury being Tewksbury

Major- misconduct, blow to the head. Should have to have a hearing to return to play. 5th or 6th time he’s been thrown out of a game in the last 2 seasons. Total goon. Coach could be on the hook if he keeps playing him and ignoring the progressive discipline rules.

Re: Tewksbury being Tewksbury

I can't be bothered to watch it on LB so how did the ref's call it, Minor & a Mis or Major & a game?

FWIW, I know many officials that late in games go Minor/Mis in these situations. The result is the same, the kid can't play the rest of that game (assuming under 10 minutes left) but it avoids the automatic suspension for the player that comes with a game misconduct. Because of the way VHL does there scheduling, you don't usually end up with the same officials working the same team week after week so they may not realize this player has a history and they think they are doing the right thing by avoiding suspension of the player. Of course the opposite is true in club where you often have the same officials at home games and if they have a history with a player, he may find that he never gets the benefit of doubt.

Interesting tidbit, with the new electronic score sheets, it's very difficult for anyone to hide from punishment for calls that result in a Major & Game. It will automatically route to MA Hockey once the sheet is submitted and force the officials into providing an incident report. Any official that fails to provide the report in the allotted time faces a two week suspension.