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Just like the heading says. This is the order of the leagues from best to worst.

The FED is clearly the best league in N.E. and possibly the country. Some TEAMS from the Midwest rank higher because they curate the ranking by traveling to play other top teams.

The E9 is next and is not a league of parity at all. Typically ONE team is good in that league (advantage) and that doesn\'t mean they are good outside the league. The drop off between that top team and the other teams is significant. This league is for tier 1 players, AA players and players who simply aren\'t good enough to play in the FED week in and week out. That\'s the truth and has always been the truth- with the rare exception.

The BHL is the mother league of e9 and the drop off here is massive. This league is for b and c level players.

The PHL is beneath the BHL and is po****ted by bad players and players who will moonlight on a \"town\" level team for fun or to play with buddies.

Town hockey is simply that. A mix of players who can\'t play elsewhere, won\'t drive to play or want to play with friends. If you see a great player here it is random or he playes in the FED.

Anyone who tries to tell you that the E9 is anywhere near the FED is stupid or lying. The truth is that the best e9 team MIGHT be able to beat a FED team but it is highly unlikely. The worst FED team like bandits or breakers may lose to the advantage, for example. The eagles, masscon, PHC, TG will not lose to the best e9 team.

If you are leaving a FED team to go to the best e9 team, you are moving your player in the wrong direction. Your player will win lots of games and score more goals but you know, he knows and everyone else knows that you aren\'t playing with or against the best.

Let\'s stop with the debate and recognize the truth. FED is best, e9 is a distant next, BHL is way behind and after that the leagues are just for fun.

If your kid can play in the FED on a team that isn\'t bandits or breakers you should do just that.

Really long winded way to say what i been saying for years.
Top 3 teams in EHF are always the best around and if your kid is not on those teams he better be the best kid on his "elite" team. Top team in e9 can compete with those top 3 or 4 ehf teams.
After that rest of teams in e9 are just glorified tier1 teams and on par with most tier1 plat fed teams.
After that is it really worth even typing out? No difference between BHL and PHL top level. NO difference between BHL National and PHL lower levels and no difference between those lower levels of PHL BHL and town league.
If there is a difference it is pretty minor between those schlep leagues.
People say this over and over again. Might as well just create a macro that can be used again and again since so many here (or the same few people here) feel this way