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Re: U14 (2009) Next Season

I have a son playing U14 platinum this year with another kid (2011) that will be there in a few years. My experience this year has been great but that is because the coach has a full roster with kids showing up to practice the 2nd half of the year. We have played a lot of games plus tournaments and with friends who went the Elite full season path this year all I hear is complaints about the 2nd half being a big disappointment between very small amount of games and no one at practice. The level of play is a slight step down from platinum in years past most notably at the bottom of the division otherwise the top half is still good hockey. We are a family just trying to enjoy one more full season and it has been awesome. My son is good not great and will transition to 1/2 season next year with HS being his focus before he heads off to college. If you\'re an 09 parent looking at U14 next year and need full season look for one of the top platinum teams and a coach that is prepared to build a roster with the right mix of kids. If you go down the Elite path be prepared for a 2nd half of the season filled with 6 player practices and travel to distant rinks for games on Sunday afternoons.

I can only assume MHR is accurate bc coaches love their rankings but look at the game count post Thanksgiving for some of the Elite full season teams compared to Platinum Tier 1. Since Thanksgiving (game counts reported to MHR)...

Rats Full Season = 8
Railers = 9
Islanders Full Season = 6
TG Elite = 11
Eagles T1 = 19
TG T1 = 21
Huskies T1 = 16

You’re missing Eagles elite full season who have played 64 games.
since thanksgiving they have not played 60+ games smdh

Re: U14 (2009) Next Season

Is 14U Platinum division considered tier 1? Or is it really good tier 2? Also, for 2009 next season, do most of the good tier 1 players move on to high school, prep, academies? Or do they stick around EHF and E9 full season? Or maybe they do split season?
In addition to the advice already given, I'll add, some more. As already stated, U14 can be a roll of the dice.

If your son is going to try out for HS, find a u14/u15 half season team. Don't worry if he doesn't make varsity as lots of teams will be looking to add players after Thanksgiving and some will give fairly steep discounts for the second half of the season if they lost more players than expected.

If the organization you are at doesn't field multiple teams per age group and you are committed to a full season, strongly consider switching programs. It's not uncommon for an organization to combine multiple U14 teams into a single team after Thanksgiving which is obviously not an option if they only have one team.

Best of luck