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Re: Break Contract

It is an actual contract. No matter what the dboard tells you. You agreed to pay a price. Even if you walk away the team you are going to will require a release. Whether the team you leave is willing to negotiate the price you pay is another story. You may get out of it by paying a lesser amount
Of course it's a contract and it has little value for your bender. The contract requires you to pay with no guarantees of playing time. Then if you play in the FED Elite division and want to leave at the end of the contract there are restrictions unless you move down or out. So do you think they really care about most... your bender or your money?

Re: Break Contract

Do not believe it all the roster spots are filled long before any tryouts .... The tryout is just a money grab for the organization call it a donation to the program it means nothing as far as picking players

Re: Break Contract

Wishing you didn't sign up for breakers or bandits? You are screwed. I bet the coach told you how great the program was and such.

Re: Break Contract

If you signed it and you were already an EHF player it might not be valid as there are rules about when you can sign and not until after playoffs unless your already a current player on that team or not in Fed