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Youth Hockey
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Re: Mass teams going to the Q

HA HA - I want that E9 sucks hat! As a proud member of the E9 - Best families anywhere!
I have heard stories of 2010 parents trashing hotels. Is that what you mean by best families anywhere?
Yep, can confirm!

Re: Mass teams going to the Q

I’m back B itches! *** Mike Anderson.. lost today to a much stronger and better coached Kings team. Let the loser begin the losing!

Re: Mass teams going to the Q

Another Jr team loss! The script is so great! Buh Bye playoffs

Re: Mass teams going to the Q

They beat the kings if your talking about 2010

Re: Mass teams going to the Q

How do you waste a year in youth hockey? Did your child not attend practices or was he not allowed to play in games?

I would think that simply by showing up to both your kid was developing on some level. You do hear of Dad coach stories where they're only focused on their own child. Is that the case here? If the coaches are actively involved with the kids and the team then how is it a waste?

South shore didn't qualify for the q; at least not in the aaa division.