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Re: 2014 MHR Just Released!!!!

Poopy pants
Remember the dad that was talking about his 11 daughter pooping her pants? This forum is crazy.
No. We are relieved, which is why I said relieved. If we were proud, I would have said proud. Also, she is 11 not 12. And she is a she which is why I said she. She also did not poop in her pants. Her movement was directed into the proper disposal facility unit.
Love that you clarified. You have an 11 year old daughter that can't poop and **** her pants and you're not proud. You should be proud of her. Pooping you pants at 11 is noteworthy. Congratulations as a parent

Re: 2014 MHR Just Released!!!!

Why does this keep happening? Two dads just living it up on the dboard.