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Re: 2013 Brick

But it does for some. Sorry your kid got cut.

Re: 2013 Brick

The Brick and the Q are part of the ride big guy...not for all but no reason and can't be talked about. I don't believe any one said that because of the brick or the Q their kid is going to be a stud. Morons like u make that assumption for anyone who plays in those....congrats on your benders ice time, too bad he missed out on the brick and Q.

Re: 2013 Brick

Home at lice
You all crack me up. Brick this Q that. Elite bull****.
None of this matters when your kid gets to high school.
My kid has been in the Fed for 8 years and now plays for a pretty **** good D-1 HS team. He gets quite a bit of ice time as well.
He is still on his Fed team and another team that’s not in the Fed as an alternate.
It doesn’t matter where they play. No high school coach puts stock into where a kid plays
If they’re good they will make a HS team. Over the years I’ve seen kids dominate Mites, squirts and Pee-wees but once they get to Bantams they crap out.
I’ve had Dads say to me on Squirts that their kid was getting looked at by cardigan mountain. Lol. Such BS
Just enjoy the ride friends. It’ll be over soon.
By the way. My kid never got cut. Lol.
My kid has skated in the Brick and the Q. Been a few short years, just chiming in.
The q was a fun experience with the pins exchange among all the kids(not sure if they still doing it) and the Videocon ctr is a great place to experience a game, even if kiddie hockey.
The most fun was the winter carnival (if they still run it, was more fun than the tourney itself). Yet anyone can go around the Q time or any part of winter and experience the carnival, the hockey has nothing to do with it. We had a outdoor rink outside our hotel. That was more fun for the kids and parents skating than some of the games.

The Brick, the waterpark was the most fun for them. Nothing that a family cannot do on a non hockey trip.

Ultimately you are spot on, does not matter in HS and beyond and nobody asks or cares.

Keep 'em humble. All the best

Re: 2013 Brick

Brick and Q indicate a child is in the top % of their peer group at those moments in time. It's not a reliable predicator of future success...

Unless your bender is lighting up the Q in the AAA division. Then he's going to dominate bantam hockey too.

We all saw the Tkachuk boys at all-star weekend. Matthew's 2010 St. Louis Blues Q team had 5 future NHLrs on it.

I'd add, the top kid going to Mount 14U next year put up big numbers at the Brick (won w/CJR) and Q (QF with Philly). A kid like that, barring injury, can already by penciled-in for D-1 hockey.

Filling a roster spot on an EHF team with a Q bid, that's a different story.