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Re: How do I become an IHC parent

My kiddo played a year in the IHC organization I think 2 years ago maybe 3. We went someplace and played the LI Gulls. 2-3 moms for the Gulls sitting together. One starts yelling at their coach to take "that" kid off the ice, he sucks... across the ice. These kids were 10 years old. I was shocked.... (that takes a lot!)

There is much worse out there than an IHC parent hoping their kid is safe on the ice. It is difficult coming to terms with the contact in Hockey if you did not grow up with it. That was my experience as well as a first time hockey parent.

My kid still talks to his IHC teammates and I am still friendly when we see them and play against them or with them in the summer.

Every org has some spoiled milk. If you focus on it, it will ruin your day too. Why bother!

That is some Confuscious "stuff" right there!!