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Youth Hockey
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Re: 2011 PHC

Every "elite" team lets kids play for free. That's what platinum, UG, LG, American and National teams are for.

It's the only way the majority of these teams can get any better. They do not develop anyone.

Re: 2011 PHC

Listen to me. They make anybody and everybody over there. And the way that they do it, it\\\'s all ****ed up. Guys don\\\'t get their finger *****ed. There\\\'s no sword and gun on the table. Eight f***in\\\' teams and we got this other pygmy thing over in Providence... There\\\'s no scraps in my scrapbook... Make it happen.
That’s fantastic!!!

Awesome response, quote and reference

Re: 2011 PHC

I heard PHC kids moving to SSK. Existing SSK kids are moving to Knight's and railers. PHC will be gone next year. Best was alt my kid.

Re: 2011 PHC

Not one thing is accurate with this, get a life loser.