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Re: Tryout dates

Bender dad
There are a few club teams in my area. It seems like they hold tryouts on the same dates and times. How do kids find opportunities to tryout for multiple teams? As a parent, what have you done in the past in this situation?
Go practice with the team before tryouts, reach out to the coaches and find out what they are looking for most will be honest with you.
100% excellent advice. It can be very hard to make even a mildly competitive team on tryouts alone. It's hard for a kid to stand-out when he's one of 70 players on the ice.

My advice, look at the teams you are thinking about trying out for. Go watch an archived game and if possible, practice on LiveBarn and watch/listen to the coach & first decide will my player be able to play for this person. If you think it's a fit, reach out to coach to try and get a skate in at one of their practices. After practice, ask the coach for their honest opinion & go from there. They will be polite but if you hear "we only have a few openings" that's coach speak for I don't think your kid can play for me.

Probably goes without saying but don't be a jerk when you actually meet the coach, listen to him/her, answer their questions directly, etc. If you come across as a problem parent, unless your kid is unbelievable, you will cost your player as no coach wants to deal with problem parents. Oh and every coach but one asked me the same thing at a skate "so why do you want to bring your player to me team?"

If your kid is a Mite you might not have any games or practices to watch so ask other parents that you know about the organization, etc.