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Welcome everyone to the new forum for the Fenton Historical Society!

We hope that if you have information to share with one another, or questions to others using this website, or people in the area, that you use this forum to post your queries.

Hope to see alot of you on here!


Re: Welcome

Hi Cheryl,
I'm not sure how to use all of these things above. This is the first I have opened the web site and it is just great.
You have done a great job. We were in the Fenton area last Sunday and went through, with everyone else, to see the damage from the storm. What a blessing that no trees fell on the Museum. What a sad scene to see all the trees down by the Comm Center. That area, the P.O. was where the Phillips Factory was and some of the trees must have been there then.
I did notice on the A.J. Phillips Fenton Museum site that a mistake has been made when they refer to the man that is known as A.J. Phillips, they have as a Dr. Phillips. I hope that will be corrected.
Do you have anymore of the info on the Hall family?? I hope you are doing well. We should keep in touch.
We are doing very good. Just a few years older.
Love, Dorothy (Your cousin)

Re: Welcome

Great site! I happen to come across it after doing a search on my Father's name. He is on the Honor Wall (Vince Truchan). I also took interest in the Christian pocket diary. My Mother's paternal great-uncle, Lorenzo Varnum Fletcher, was married to Annie Christian. They resided in Argentine on the Rolston Rd. They had a daughter named Sheldon Fletcher and a son named Kenneth. Annie was from Fenton. My parents also resided in Fenton for a time (Vince and Mary Ella Truchan). I am going to try to get over to Fenton sometime to see the Honor Wall. I wouldn't mind seeing the diary either. Thanks for all the info.