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Things being worked on

Well just thought I would give everyone an update on where we are at.

Right now we are working on the getting all of the 1850 census for Fenton online. We are almost half way there! Yeah!!

The 1920 census is being created for online viewing. It should start coming online any day now. This will be a lengthy project to complete as it is rather large!!

I have just added new pictures to the photos page...you can now see Judge Daniel LeRoy, Col. William M. Fenton, A.J. Phillips, the old East Street Bridge and the old City Hall !

I have added a new article to the Stories and articles page, from the 1853 copy of the Weekly Observer. Quite interesting to see how long it took people to get around back then.

The second ten year page of Fenton Independent Death notices is on it's way to being complete just a few more days now.

Rosetta Barrons Diary has many new entries, if you have not checked it lately stop in and read it.

Rumor has it that Ken has a project in the works for his page...we are all waiting anxiously. If you get a chance ask him about the Flag he found! I have been working on getting him to write an article about it for his page, maybe he will enlighten us all soon.

Hope everyone is enjoying the site. If you can think of something you would like to see please let us know.


Re: Things being worked on

The Tables are looking good

Re: Things being worked on

Keep up the good work to both Cheryl and Denise. Really appreciate all the time and effort you put into this. Donna Seger

Re: Things being worked on


Re: Things being worked on

Hi! Cheryl,It is just great that you are so interested in all these things for the Historical Society. It is really appreciated by me that you care so much. I think it is people like you and Ken and Donna Seger that have kept things going. I would like to get up to Fenton more but it seems if we are there it is a weekday. I hope to come to a Sunday visit. Keep up the good work. Love, Dorothy