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Re: Moosehead Lake Report

You beat me to this Eric, was going to post anyway. Just got back from what should have been 4 days of fishing Moosehead, but turned into a few early hours fishing on Sat, Sun and Mon as that was all I could get in before the 2 foot chop became 4 foot rollers every day and night. Stuff happens.

Friday was the best day, flat water. Caught 5 salmon, only one of any size, 19 but racer. The other 4 were cookie cutter 14's, very fat and healthy. Chartruse and Rangely DB smelts did most of the work, as well as the ruby top gun.

Sat, Sun and Mon were all the same fish wise. Caught 4 or 5 each AM, same lures, did catch a nice togue 24 inches or so. All released safely, although I am not sold on the "single hook is less destructive the trebles" as with smaller fish, it had potential for damage and the laker, although seemingly released healthy almost lost an eye from the single. Caught on planer boards, riggers and straight leadcore, 3-4 colors, riggers from 18 to 25.

Moosehead is so pristine it made the trip well worth it, deer, moose, eagles flying all over and almost no competition on such a huge lake. Not that anyone should have been out in 4 foot rollers.....

Good luck, tight lines!