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Champlain Advice?

Will be going up for a few days next month (mid month) and was wondering if anyone had any advice. Going for salmon and lakers. Mid lake area in the Whallon Bay area. Being a Winni fisherman I don't want to show up with my 4 pound flouro leader, noodle rods, and smaller smelt gun lures for a 15 pound laker to laugh at me.

What kind of bait are they eating this time of year and at what depths for the salmon?

Re: Champlain Advice?

I am headed there 6/4 to 6/14 and we fish the inland sea for salmon,brown trout and once in while a walleye.Lakers we fish the main lake out by carlton prize and south of valcour island weather permitting have to respect the lake.Watch the weather and monitor the weather station on the radio storms there come in quick.We use 8lb flurocarbon for leader for salmon and 10 for lakers.Same lures that we use at winni work there.Best advise is to watch the Lake champlain forum like the winni site and they will say what they are using.Very good site. B-man good luck web site cjohn2979.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=Forum

Re: Champlain Advice?

I have heard that white has been working well...

Good Luck all...

Cool Water

Re: Champlain Advice?

The Cop Car needle fish has been working well and anything silver black.