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This past weekend

Please help, for the past 7 months I have been looking forward to salmon fishing on the big lake. Last year was my 1st year fishing for the deep ones. I outfitted my boat with 2 canon down riggers and a nice compliment of trolling rods and reels.
I purchased about 20 different spoons, 4 11" flashers and a couple of flies. My
1st time out last year was mid summer and I caught 3 Lake trout about 60 ft deep in Moultonboro bay. It took me all winter to convince my fishing buddie to join me on a trip to NH to after the landlocked salmon. WE WERE SKUNKED. I feel like such crap. Both myself and my buddie have been huge fisherman for a long time and we both felt like real rookies. I have been going to AJ's for good advice and some good hardware, but it didn't work this past weekend. WE trolled different spoons at 15 ft with the riggers and we tried 20 ft, 30 ft and 40 ft. SKUNKED! I have a home on Moultonboro bay and from what I can see a lot of other boaters are trolling on the bay. Can any one tell me is that a good place to fish or should I make my way out to the broads. Thanks.

Re: This past weekend

What speed are you running? I like around 2.2-2.4 mph on the GPS

I have personally never fished up in Moultonborough but if I were you I would make my way out towards the broads... Braun Bay/ Long Island can produce sometimes.

Give me a call if you ever wanna talk fishin

Cody Dodds

Re: This past weekend

I would move out of multonboro bay and on to the broads. Fish the west side of long island towards sandy island and across to welch island. We have been catching salmon anywhere from 10 to 25 feet this past week. I have been trolling between 1.8 and 2.0 latly and that has been working well for me. Orange is a good color right now and don't be afraid to troll a smelt or a shinner on a flat line that is still working form time to time especially early in the morning.

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Re: This past weekend

Don't feel bad. The Saturday before last I hooked 7 fish and brought in 3 Salmon and 1 Rainbow that were keepers - all in Moultonborough bay. This weekend, I only caught 1 little Salmon the entire time.