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Re: Wanted: 2 drift bags

Charlie, GPS works great. Thanks again,


Re: Wanted: 2 drift bags

try one bag on an 8' ski harness off the stern loops, works alot better than 2 off the sides,,,,at least on my boat

Re: Wanted: 2 drift bags

If you can,t find drift bags try a 5 gal.bucket with a big hole in the bottom on each side of the boat.

Re: Wanted: 2 drift bags

I use the 5 gallon bucket trick off the back of my 22' eastern, slows me down by .5 mph and puts me at my 2 mph area. Then bucket goes into cabin with my tools at the end of the day. I drilled a bunch of 1" holes in the bucket. It looks like swiss cheese. works perfectly.

Re: Wanted: 2 drift bags

I agree, The ski harness works great. An added benefit is when you have a heavy crosswind, the bag will slide to the windward side and stabilizes the boat track giving you more time to fish instead if fighting the boat/wind. I have a 42" bag, it reduces my speed about 1 mph when used this way.


Re: Wanted: 2 drift bags

I have a large drift bag you can have. Used it only a few times, but I can get my boat slow enough without it.
I live in Holderness.
Contact me of line if you are interested.


Re: Wanted: 2 drift bags

Old Fisherman,
Thanks for the offer. I have one large bag I made but, as usual, I overdid it. **** thing looks like a parachute. Usually I fish alone and use a bucket with a hole in it off the stern but, especially if the wind is up, it's a hassle to take it in everytime I get a hit. The problem with the single bag is the same as with the single bucket. I figured two smaller bags, one off each side would be better as I could just leave them in the water and there'd be one less thing to do, besides keep the line tight, steer the Tank (which never goes in a straight line for longer than .5 seconds) and net the fish.

all the best,