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How to tell age of salmon???

Ok, I've finally broken down to ask, I hear everyone posting about catching 2-3 year old salmon....how do you know? The ones I've pulled in haven't had a year stamped on their sides, or they haven't told me "hey I'm 2 years old". LOL I've learned everything else about being a better fisherman here so my quest for knoweledge continues. thanks.


Re: How to tell age of salmon???

Check the fin clip,chart was posted somewhere I can't lay my hands on it at work(!@#$%) diferent clips for diferent years.BARRY

Re: How to tell age of salmon???

I think this is the link. Found it on the NH Fish and Game site. Hope this helps.



Re: How to tell age of salmon???

That's last years, I had someone post it for me, maybe they will put it up again ? Or maybe we can do a search for it here.

Found it, Gus put it on before.

Print it out on hard paper stock and keep it in board, great tool to have on the boat when making log entries.


Big John