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Lake Nubi

Hit up Lake Nubanusit Sunday afternoon for some trolling. I hadn't been to the lake in a couple years so I was excited to get there. The fishing was lackluster but the scenery was superb. We trolled from about 3 PM until about 7:30 PM and all we could manage was a 14" Lake trout and a recently stocked salmon (a feisty one at that). Both fish were not hook damaged and released to grow bigger. Tried everything from 5 feet down to 30 feet deep and tried all different colors and lures. Even tried a streamer fly in the old prop wash. None of my tricks were working. That is a beautiful lake but fishing seems to be tough there. The coolest thing we saw was a nesting pair of bald eagles. Took about 15 minutes after we were done fishing to check them out. It was a beautiful afternoon to be out on the water.

Re: Lake Nubi

You did better than I did then! I went out Sunday from about 11am-3PM on Nubi with the wife and not even a nibble. Ran 2 riggers between 10-60ft at all different speeds with blades and no blades and absolutely nothing. Did manage to see the eagles though and that was well worth the trip. I even videoed the eagles and if I can figure out how to post on here, I will.