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Re: Sunday winni report

My son and I caught 4 salmon quickly before the fog rolled in and then not a bite. We packed it in at 7:45am because I was so disoriented in the fog I was driving some crazy patterns even with the GPS. A closer than wanted meeting with another troller appearing suddenly out of the fog helped make up my mind.

The salmon were a 7" recent hatchery graduate, 15" 2 yr. old, and two 19" 3 yr. olds. Fortunately the little guy took a single hook DB and should make a full recovery. We kept one of the 19" salmon for lunch and released the rest. White or Orange with dots, DB's, Needlefish, Chev Chase lures. 2 on riggers 22-24', 2 on flatline leadcore 3-4 colors.

Nice report, thanks for sharing. Isn't it weird, GPS and all and we still have a hard time navigating our troll in thick fog, it must have something to do with periphial vision. Even in the dark at high speeds it's easy with the GPS, again you can see just enough to aid your GPS.

Nice to see folks making note of the age and length on the Salmon, I'm sure it is appreciated by F and G, very important. Now all we need to do is have someone come up with a simple creel report we can e mail to them.

Big John

Re: Sunday winni report

We lost just about 2hrs fishing. Because of the fog. We have no gps luckly we were close enought to rattlesnake. That we could catch a glance every once and a while.So we didn"t get into any trouble.And just hung around there. But other than that we caught fish all day.Left at 2 pm. Thanks for the reports.