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champ fishing

Fished 5/24 to 5/27 with Richard (Fishrod) and Cal (White Cap) in the Thompson Point area. Met crazyivan on the water Tuesday, reeldeal on Wednesday evening and cross paths with Salmoneye many times during our stay. Can’t forget some lengthy conversations with the infamous Super Cab. Plan on being up in the same area June 6 to 10, hope to see you all again.
We boated 63 fish with the largest being a 10# Laker followed by an 8.5 and 6.5 Lakers with 4 Salmon in the 5# class.

The HOT lures were:
14 fish on Speedy Shiner Fire Tiger
8 fish on my Green Hex

6 fish on my green with white ladder back which replaced the 2 Green Hex that fish gods kept.

While on the water Wednesday evening working with reeldeal I received a weather alert on the Humminbird 957, switch the plotter to the XM Satellite Weather channel and viewed the storm at the northern portion of Lake Champlain, reeldeal was getting a warning over the radio and wanted to get more info on what I had. I thought I had captured the storm on the snapshot feature, I screwed up, didn’t get the snapshot of the storm.

A few snapshots of the display;

It will display up to 180 miles, selectable, in all directions, doesn’t cover Canada. Warning boxes are displayed for the affected areas of the weather alert.

Weather is forecasted for 3 days in advance in two segments, day and night.

A view of one of the drop down menus.

I subscribe to Skywatch

I mounted the puck on the gunwale. Purchased on the internet for $190



Re: champ fishing

Nice fishn' guys!!


ps. White Cap, this is a family site. lol

Re: champ fishing

Another great trip on the Gray Ghost. You would think that Gus lived on that lake and fished Champ 5 days a week. He knew where to find them & what colors were hot.

Re: champ fishing

Yes another great "Fishing Adventure with Gray Ghost".
Sorry about the exclamation at the beginning of the video. Didn't think the camera came on that quickly, but it was a natural reaction seeing that brute coming in.
By the way, in the video you hear me praising "Otto" the auto steering that enables us all to man the fish and not go off course. What a great feature to have on a boat, especially if you fish alone.
We lucked out on the weather again this year. Could fish every day. But could have used more breeze on the calm hours, especially when the temps were in the 90s.
Thanks Gus for another great Adventure.