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Sunday Salt Report

Spent the day inbetween inside flag and southwest hump,we had lots of company out there.Water conditions were near flat till about noon...ride in was quite bumpy.Big cod are in close now,we boated 8 decent size keepers between 25 and 36 inches.No real monsters although we saw some real monsters boated very near us.We saw Captain Matty with some clients out there,they were all smiles and had boated some very nice fish.We also fished near my brothers boat (REEL CATCH),they boated 10 big cod with just 2 guy,s on board ....good job Mike.We jigged all day,no bait was used.We caught them on all the different colors jigs we used,no favorites for the day.My penalty for sitting in the captains chair all day was that I had to use the big 24 ounce norwegin jig so that I would not get tangled with my first mate in the corner....note to self buy more of the smaller jigs.Now have sore shoulder from big jig.What a great day on the water.polebreaker
P.S.Will talk with you Capt. Matty on our upcoming striper charter next sunday soon

Re: Sunday Salt Report

Sounds like a good trip and some good eating. Thanks for the report.

Re: Sunday Salt Report

Glad you and Mike both had a good salt day. I,ve been going to the Fingers and North end out of Kennabunkport. Not much for cod yet on that end but the haddock fishing is great and they keep getting bigger every trip out! Cal P.