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Re: Squam Report

Tom (from Michigan)
Got out last week for 5 straight days. Not one salmon. Pretty much a rainbow trout fishery at this point. The two missing classes of salmon is really evident. That said, caught a couple beautiful rainbows.

Best depth was 22', with a 75' lead off the rigger ball. The 4 color core seemed to be my most productive amount of lead. A couple LDR's I'd love to have got a look at. Although I'm sure most of us can say that. The most productive time each morning was right around 6 am. Glow spoons off the rigger ball and tandem streamers (AJ's) off the lead core.

I want to thank John Sampson for taking my Dad and I out on The Barge for our annual trip. Thanks, John. Looking forward to next year already.

By the way, Old Fisherman, we did get a few yellow perch, but never really got into a mess of them. No white perch.


As always, my pleasure to take you and your dad out on Golden Pond. You know next year will be better as evidenced by the amount of small Bows and a good stocking of Salmon this spring. Maybe we fished the wrong side of the Pollen, ha,ha. Wasn't the Pollen info interesting on the message board, I guess all that does not glitter is bad.

We will keep in touch, if your sun glasses evr show up I'll send them to you.

Big John

Re: Squam Report

The sunglasses are a bit of a mystery? Who knows. No big deal.Time for some new ones anyways.

I got a good picture of a pollen cloud coming down from the mountain. I'll send it to you.

Re: Squam Report

That was weird, Monday we had smoke from Canada.