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Squam report Friday thru Monday and couple of new product reports.

Not much to brag about over the 4 days, but we did catch a few fish every day, how do you guys catch 2 year old Salmon on Winni, we can't catch a one on Squam ?

Monday Paul and Adam Dubriske (G2 folks) fished with me, they brought the newest G2 Jig Ball to test. It imitates Jim's Rod Pumper action 100%, we tested it yesterday and it is going to do the job as good as the pumper I think. I had asked if this were possible to make a ball like that and Paul designed and came up with it in less than a week. It jigs twice in one cycle and takes 9 or 10 seconds for each cycle, so a jig every 4 or 5 seconds (boat speed depending) about the same as the rod pumper on high speed. We let out 4 colors of in-line lead core, ran it off the jig ball and put the ball down 10 feet, about 24 to 28 feet total depth, worked super. We also tried 100' of mono (no lead core) and again it worked flawlessly, we tried it on mono with both a spoon and/or a fly, same results, ran well without a hitch..

Paul is going to design a new release clip (essential to G2 operation, never change their release) to use with this new jig ball concept that will allow you to run whatever you want, at any length, perhaps even right off the G2 Stacker, behind and above blades. The new units will be called "G2 Quick Jig" and will be available as a Jig Ball and/or a Stacker.

It was a slow morning fishing however, we caught 1 Bow (3 pounds) and 1 Salmon (4.25 pounds, a thin 23 inch, 4 year old ???) plus 2 or 3 baby Bows and one real nice baby Salmon. Fish were caught on Jig Balls, Jigger Planer board and Rod Pumper's. Water temp was 55 degrees at 28', fish were caught just above at 20/24 feet mostly on Cee Dee Streamers, Paul's newest streamer, called "Squam's Big John" pattern was the most productive over the 4 days.

Monday was not a bad day as time ws limited and we spent allot if time re-rigging and fine tuning the new jig balls and new jigger planer design. Paul brought two new balls as he had some doubts on his original new re-design ideas, one jigged 4 feet and one jigged 3 feet, only the 3 foot jig (his afterthought) would work correctly with the new double jig per cycle concept, Paul really knows his G2 products.

Ideal set up will for any boat will be 2 of Jim's Rod Pumpers and 2 Jig Balls (made by Cut 2 Spec) or one of each if running two lines.

Friday through Sunday were the weirdest 3 days fishing ever, one day only Rod pumpers would catch fish, the next day only the Jig Balls, and the 3rd day only the Otter Boats, crazy. The 4th day was a combination of all 3, but also a very slow day overall, so you have to "be prepared for anything, on any given day".. We didn't catch one Salmon until Monday, mostly a mix of small Bows and a few 3.5 to 4 pound Bows.. Consider yourself self very fortunate to catch a Salmon on Squam this year, they are few and far between, 2 and 3 year olds are near non-existant and not many 4's. I'm very concerned there are not enough mature Salmon left to supply the eggs for the Salmon program, if you catch a mature, fit female, please release it, males are less important than the females and their eggs, I don't believe I just said that, my wife tells me that all the time.. I don't think we have caught a 2 year old Salmon yet, but Winni is catching allot ????

The new Tatsu line from Seagar (AJ has it) very expensive, but super stuff, we tried 4 pound test for leader (all he had) and 8 pound test for main line, really super strong stuff, they should be sued for false labeling by calling it "4 pound" test, it's at least twice as strong. We normally use 10 pound main line and 8 pound leader, I'm very confident the Tatsu (much more stealth, much thinner line) will do the job as well, if not better, super stuff, well worth the extra bucks. The 4 pound test is advertised that it can be used as leader, it's so thin I can hardly see it when tying a fly on (even with my glasses) it's super thin..And makes a great knot.

Short week and back to the action, W Fat is coming Thursday for an evening troll and fishing again on Friday, if no fish we will at least have allot of laughs.

Noticing several new boats each week, but most don't come back the following week (don't blame them) so it's hard to communicate or make friends, I'm on channel 11 if ya see me.. Don't be intimidated by all those rocks you see sticking up out of nowhere,use your map or Navionics chip and you will be fine.

Big John

Re: Squam report Friday thru Monday and couple of new product reports.

Great detailed report Jon. I have a meeting Wed. in Bristol NH a.m. I'll call you after lunch. Looking forward to boating Thrus & Fri. & playing with the toys. W-Fat

Re: Squam report Friday thru Monday and couple of new product reports.

Chris, can you please stop by Paul's Thursday morning before you come up, he will have some "stuff" for you to bring up to me. Hope that works for you.

Big John

Re: Squam report Friday thru Monday and couple of new product reports.

That Tastu is AWESOME stuff!

Cool Water