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Re: Pollen

Very interesting article. When explaned that way it does make sence that pollen can feed the plankton to feed the smelt to feed the salmon!!!

Re: Pollen

Came down to the boat in Senter's cove at 5 AM Sun and the shore was absolutely socked in with pollen. There was a huge insect hatch (Mayflies?)that looked like it was coming out of the pollen. The smallmouth bass were having an absolute feeding frenzy on them as they hit the water downwind. Only able to fish for a couple hours early Sun - couple of misses and only managed one runt salmon. Couldn't really sneak away from the family stuff to fish much...

Re: Pollen

We ended up running into the same problem as Fishlessman with the pollen, More then likely explains why we didn't find our lakers in their usual holes. Oh well still nice to be out on the water LOL Take Care God Bless LOL Dave