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Re: Friday report

"No bait rigs, just a single hook through the lips"

I have been fishing with Dana V. and he has developed a new bait rig that uses only one single hook. We have been testing it out and the results have been great. No need to run in free spool either. It works just like the original slider rigs except Dana came up with a method to hold the mouth of the shiner/smelt without using a hook. So this rig will be legal should the single hook for bait become a reality. I'd post the rig up but I need to check with the inventor before doing so. I'm not sure what plans he has regarding the rig.
Don't overlook crawlers either. Last week we were hooking up before we even got to lead core on them. Yes he has a rig for them too. Still in the testing stage. Our speeds have been 1.5-1.9. Painful speed if your in a dead zone, you don't cover much water.