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Creel reports

I spoke with Fish and Game Biologist John Viar the other day and he said that virtually no creel reports have been sent in. (I send one in every fishing day, good or bad, they need to hear it all)

Now that the Director of Fish and Game has taken some of the less desireable rules changes for 2011 off the table seems nobody cares any more, too busy fishing maybe.

Keep it simple:
Name of Lake:

Fish caught: Species, age, weight and length if possible

How many lines:

How many hours fished:

How many fish caught:

Send to John Viar John.Viar@wildlife.nh.gov Please send him a copy of your results every Monday morning, it will help the futre fishery allot more than net results which we know don't always teel the whole story.

They do not read the message board so they don't see your indivdual reports posted on here.

NHSA was going to male a simple user friendly Creel Report and have a monthly prizes drawing for those that send it in more reports sent in, more chance to win prizes, etc. but so far have not got it off the ground.

Until they get it together please send reports to John Viar at Fish and Game John.Viar@wildlife.nh.gov, do your part to protect our fishery..They need your info.


Big John

Re: Creel reports

Thanks John for the reminder. I will start sending them from now on.

Re: Creel reports

Been fishing the salty pond for over a month....creel report is freezer full of cod,haddock,pollock and strippers.polebreaker

Re: Creel reports

Good going, some of us are landlocked on fresh water,lol. I might take a vacation in July down the Cape, give Squam a rest and do some Striper (or is it stripper) fishing. You can have the bottom fishing, Cod and Haddock, ugh.

Big John