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Striper Fishing out of Rye Harbor

I am going to go striper fishing tomorrow out of Rye Harbor. My plan is to jig up some mackeral and fill my livewell. Then I am going to try for some stripers. I am kind of new at this striper boat fishing and am looking for some tips. I am not really sure where to go. It looks like high tide will be about noon time tomorrow and I plan to be out during the day. Should I get my macks and fish them under a balloon around the rocks along the shore? Should I go out to the isles of shoals and fish around them? Should I head up to the piscataqua in Portsmouth and fish there? I'm not really too sure what my plan of attack should be. Any assistance or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to PM me if you would like.

Also I am curious what vhf chanel most boats use on the ocean?


Re: Striper Fishing out of Rye Harbor

Seems to be plenty of bait out there at this time just watch your sonar and stop when they show up and pick away at them. Take a ride south to the merrimack its easy fishing for stripers. The Piscataqua is a rocky tough bottom to deal with but fishing there can be hot as well if you locate them. Good luck I will be out tommorro helping on a charter boat. channel 8


Re: Striper Fishing out of Rye Harbor

Ended up cancelling the trip due to weather but thanks for the tips Charlie!