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Re: new to the boards

Lefty,great to have some new blood this site is full of gays ready to share just got to ask the questions.Anytime you want to fish winni or newfound give a shout lets get together and do it,all I prommis is a boat ride and some laughs and we might enen catch fish but thats icing on the cake.
Welcome BARRY

Re: new to the boards

jusgrinnin, you should reread slowly what you just wrote

Re: new to the boards

WOW sorry I realy have no idea about anyones sexual pref and don't care anyway just didn't reread sorry if I offeded anyone that was not my intent.

Re: new to the boards

LMAO, didn't want to touch that one and get started on the wrong foot. Thanks for the offer, never fished Winisquam or Newfound, just might take you up one of these days.

proof reading never hurts, hehe...


Re: new to the boards

I should be out there tonight and Sat. AM.
I'm usually on 11. I have a red and white boat.


Re: new to the boards


Re: new to the boards

Not a bad lake to be docked on (gay or straight, couldn't resist it, ha,ha) If I can be of any help, just give a holler on 11 or e mail me anytime. Not a great year to be Salmon fishin on Squam, two virtually missing year classes (no 2's and very few 3 yr. olds) so if you get a chance to fish with some of the other "guys" on the other Lakes, take advantage of the hospiltality.

I'm always looking for "guys" (and gals) to fish with, if you like gadgets, hop on The Barge sometime, but you may leave with some ideas that are not pocket book friendly. The Barge is comfy and dry in the hardest rain, drop me an e mail sometime.

This message board is a great place to meet some good people with a common interest, I have met some of the nicest folks I've known in my 67 years, right here on the message board, one might even be a little on the gay side sometimes, ha,ha.. (only kidding)

Big John