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Sat. report

Fishing partner was ill this am so I fished solo. Can't remember the last time I did that. Two rods made boat handling easy but limited the lures in the water. Took some time to get a pattern. Started with last weeks purple orange blades and a cool-water special. Second rod was my fly rod with my #1 fly. Didn't bring lead core as I figured if I couldn't get them on the fly rod I'd run two riggers. Minutes in first release nobody home. Come between Diamond and Rattle and the screen lit up with bait. No takers. Got a little congested soon after that and heading into the wind solo doesn't lend itself to easy boat control, so I left the crowd. Between Diamond and Welch I get a hit on the fly rod, missed the hook.
Still marking plenty of bait. Changed out a few different lures with no change in luck. Then I figure to save time I'll rig up my second down rigger rod and put the next lure to try on that. This way I wont be wasting time tieing on a lure and only having one line in the water. OK I tie it on. Flex the rod and snap. Brand new Daiwa Kokanee rod snaps just above the second eye from the ferrule. I had bought two of these because I got two last year and like them. This year Daiwa changed the blanks. When the two rods arrived the first one broke putting line thru the guides. nos tress at all. So I sent it back. Never did get another one sent after a month wait on BO from Daiwa so I cancel the rod replacement.Then this happens today. I'm guessing Daiwa has a problem with these blanks so for anyone looking to get one of these beware. I have had no luck with the green blanks. Anyway back to fishing. I tie on a white perch fly. Takes a big hit, the fishing is jumping two, three, gone...... Set back up another hit no one home. Now I put out a WP fly on the rigger with Chappy's silver blue blades..............Nothing more boring hrs of trolling over bait with nothing to show for it. As I start to leave the area the screen goes blank so I circle back to the bait and where I at least took some hits. Decide to put Chappy's matching lure above the blades. Still nothing. Until I go to check the Lure and maybe swap again and I have a runt on. First fish landed! Reset, hey it took a fish. A few more passes and the rigger fires...Big fish He pulls I pull he stays down with some massive runs when he get to the top....Fly rod goes off. Great I troll all day and now the fish are coming at the same time. Fly rod goes limp...fish off. Land the big boy. Very fat 3+ on the boga. Didn't get a length on him. Then another fish on the fly rod, Jump, Jump, gone. Another on the fly rod, Jump gone. Two more very nice fish. Now I am committed to the area. More hrs of no fish over bait. Then another one on the rigger, fight to the back of the boat with multiple jumps and 10' off the stern he swims off. I got the fight out of him anyway. Saw a few surface feeds just before he hooked up. This is the first year I have seen surface feeds like this on Winni. Also saw a massive school of what had to be whites sipping bugs as the hatch was coming off the water. Fished a shoreline for a few bass and headed home.

Hot lures White perch fly and blue silver Chappy's above the blades (matching color). Rigger set at 32 so the lure was likely 27-28 give or take. Fly rod was all out just to the backing. Depth???? Maybe 20 if I'm lucky more like 15-18. Best speed today was 2.1-2.3. Any faster nada any slower nada.
Nice to have limited user groups on the lake today. Nice and quite.

Sorry for the long report but fishing solo, you have to share with someone, lol.


Re: Sat. report

Thanks for sharing. You certainly didn't have an uneventful day!
Glad you stuck with it and caught some fish.