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Re: Squam report Friday and Saturday or Doom and Gloom

Tom (from Michigan)
Sorry to hear about the slow down. That said, can't say I'm surprised. Two missing year classes of salmon and plenty of natural bait make it a tough lake to build your confidence up on right now.

Enjoy the Sox game.


I can honestly say I go out now not expecting to catch anything at all, but there is always a chance that one of the left over 4 or 5 year old monsters will take a bite.

We aren't even catching any new resident Salmon (a good thing) or many of the new Bows. It's strange that on Winni the yearling Salmon are caught so much whereby on Squam we might catch "one" every 3 or 4 trips. I can understand pretty much why the hook wounding rate gets so high on Winni, but a high rate on Squam is a puzzler. It's very difficult to catch and release a yearling Salmon without doing it some harm one way or another.

Later in July and for sure in August we will be catching more fish, maybe even some legal Bows with the possibility still of big one now and then, but right now it's pretty tough.

And of course every weekend it rains, can't even enjoy the boating, be great if we had a beter bite.

Big John

Re: Squam report Friday and Saturday or Doom and Gloom

Got out for a few hours after dinner. Cloudy, but skies never opened up. Caught a couple small bass in the deep 30's and had a number of false releases.

Just put on a couple of new Chamberlains, so mostly likely its due to my settings. Agree 100% as far as the appeal of the lake - much easier to take a bad day (even a season) when surrounded by such a beautiful setting.

My expectations are always tempered, but it's still exciting to know that hooking into a heavyweight is always a possibility!