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Lake Ontario Report

Returned about two weeks ago from a trek to Lake Ontario for 7 days. I have fished before with guides but not for an extended period. Truly an incredible fishery and the time we were there the fishing wasn't as good as usual for mid May. We stayed in Newton NY about 30 miles west of Rochester. May 15th first day very heavy wind in the am couldn't fish but managed a couple of hours late in the day with three boats our boat and another plying the shallows for browns third boat went out to150' mark. Water was very clear and cold between three boats one 15lb laker that was it. May16th One boat decided they would trailer to Wilson looking for kings but we would stay at port and work west. We set up with riggers, planer boards and dipsy's along with our fellow craft about 10 miles west looking for green water they managed 2 steel head and 1 coho we hit on some lakers for 2or 3hours boated more 10-15 lb than you catch in 10 years here. Our third boat to the west had a steehead and 18lb king for their efforts.May17th Head further west with my boat Slamin Salmon and Dr Piglet third boat June Bug heads for Wilson again. At 20 miles west we hit the green water we wanted and set up stick baits on planers (4) and two riggers 25-40' an education on landing steelhead 8-12lbs began for us anyway being rookies, those who don't know wow is how one would describe it, when a 10lb steelie hits a flat line and goes 5' straight up a sight to see. I think we went 1 for 6 on steehead that day with a couple of cohos in the box. Dr Piglet was slow with one of each. June Bug fishing west 2 steelhead and a 22lb king but fishing very deep for the kings. May 18 half the crew has the flu so we only have
two boats fishing Slamin Salmon and June bug with two people each they went west and we travelled by water set up with riggers and planer boards early action on boards a big steelhead and coho's moved all onto boards we were 6 for 8 illness set in headed for port June Bug two steelhead and 18lb king.May19 Recovery in motion all hands on the water Slamin /and Dr headed 20 miles west by water nice warmer green water June Bug back to Wilson lots of early action on Dr Piglet nice native rainbow, mixed with 10 lb king some steelies and coho we had similar activity but no kings.June Bug puts another 22lb king in the box. Some friends near us boated a 36" 30 lb king. May 20th West wind all boats fish together about 15 miles west perfect conditions and out of the blocks the action started we continued on our connection with steelhead and cohos with several doubles at time couldn't even drop a line to set on the boards without a hit truly incredible lost count meanwhile Dr landed 22lb king 18lb laker, and several coho's/steelhead. June Bug lands three more kings out 125' down over 250'.Cleaning station took an 1 1/2 hours to finish. May 21 Fished early several fish in each boat forecast had called for 5-10mph winds we were 15 miles out even marine weather missed called this one by 10AM we were moving back to port in 25-30MPH wind not fun all arrived safe and marked the end to a great week. Loaded boats for early Sat departure.

Re: Lake Ontario Report

Thanks for the great detailed report Slamin. Sounds like you folks did very well for yourselves. The Kings, as predicted, should be very heavy, this fall.