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Re: Moose Hunt 2010

LOL Dave
Only took me since the moose lottery began, but I FINALLY GOT PICKED WOOOOO HOOOOOOO Now I'm gonna need insight from friends on where to find a moose in unit I-1??????? My Day just got a lot better Wooo Hoooo Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

I saw that, congrats Dave

Big John

Re: Moose Hunt 2010

How we go Dave. Saw it on the UL web site.

Re: Moose Hunt 2010

YAY ! Dave, Happy Dance for u! Congrats.
If it was Zone I 2 could have zero-ed one in for u.
Do u still have the same e-mail?
I have a couple connections in I 1 and may be able to give u some leads. Shoot me a e-mail. W-Fat

Re: Moose Hunt 2010

Same E-mail droberts71@hotmail.com Thanks Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

Re: Moose Hunt 2010

LOL; Let me gather some intel. and I will be in touch. W-Fat

Re: Moose Hunt 2010

Hi Dave....Been Busy...so I just saw your post. Congrats!!!
I will see what or who I may know in that area and get back to you as well.