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Re: Advice Please

Cody, as much as I love Cabelas skip that trip save your money and "GO TO AJ"S" more bang for your buck and you'll get local tackle and advice on how and where to use it.Cabelas don't know jack about winni salmon bows or laker ect.Good luck i'll be on the lake next week if your around give a shout on ch12.

Re: Advice Please


My name is also Cody and I started fishing Lake Winni at the age of 15. This is a great way to gain knowledge about this style of fishing particularly on this body of water. The people on this board and a lot of hours spent on lake winni has helped me come a long way.

To start though; 8-10 lb test mono with 6-9' of 4-6 lb floro leaders. Fish 2.2 - 2.4 mph (measured on GPS if you have one)

Stop in and see Alan at AJ's he is always happy to share a couple tips.

Give me a call whenever you want and I would be happy to give you whatever advice you would like!

Cody (Kool-Aid)

Re: Advice Please

I'm only in my 2nd season of trolling but I can offer a few tips I wish I knew when I first started. Like several previous replies you should go to AJ's and he will give great advice and has the equipment you need. Buy a rubber net to avoid injuring the salmon (nylon nets scrape off their scales) and other fish during capture. Get some flashers, which are set of spinning blades attached to the downrigger ball, to attract fish to your lure(AJ has them). The book Angling In The Smile of the Great Spirit by Harold C. Lyon has a lot of info on lures, depths, species, and methods for Winnipesaukee from many local master fishermen (including AJ), cost $25. You can find most of the info in the book free on this site if you do specific searches in the posts but you'll have to sort through some irrelevant stuff. If you have Cannon or similar pinch pad releases replace them with Roemer or Chamberlain releases, I wasted 3 weeks and almost went nuts trying to get pressure right on the pinch pads. The Roemers and Chamberlain are easier, more accurate, and repeatable for adjusting release pressure. Best of Luck.

Re: Advice Please

Another good release are the blacks, very easy to use, twist line 3-5 times put in, close and away you go. I love em!!!!!!!!!! Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

Re: Advice Please

Great advice give here. One of the comments triggered a question in me as well. How far should your lures ride behind the streamers? I normally put the lures farther away from the weight but I'm not sure how to handle the streamers.

Re: Advice Please

Reminds me of myself only a few years ago...where do you fish out of? I am 19 years old and started asking questions on the site just like you so I'd be more than willing to bring you out if I am around when you are up.

Joe C

Re: Advice Please

Hi, Joe
That would be great! I am up at the lake now, and will be through the 4th of july. And will be up after that hopefully a couple more times. let me know when you are up and maybe we can work somthing out.

Re: Advice Please

Shoot me a text...my number is 781-521-4455