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Re: Short report (Monday night)

Big John, Verizon has a phone called the Boulder, I have had mine for two & 1/2 years now, dropped it in a 2' puddle at last years winni derby 2 days after I bought it, picked it up (it was ringing in the puddle LOL) answered it and worked fine. Just last week, left stupid thing in my pocket, wife put it through the wash and rinse cycle. Never missed a beat. It is waterproof up to 30meters, and tough as nails, It was originally made for the military but then they started selling it to the public. Best phone I've ever had and I'm not easy on them. If I can forget it in my back pocket, sit my big behind down on it and it doesn't break LMAO then it's tops in my book LOL Take Care God Bless LOL Dave P.S. Did you try putting the whole phone in uncooked rice?

Re: Short report (Monday night)

Well I bought a new phone, I'll try it anyhow even if only to get my contact info back. Only a few guys sent me their phone info overnight, maybe I wont need a phone that much, lol.

Big John

PS: MikeF-NH, sorry to hijack your thread.