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The Rest of the RFP Armada

The other boats that participated in the RFP Armada were: Salmon Hunter (Bill & Cal), Miss Molly (Jim & Jack), Grey Ghost (Gus, Larry, Lisa), Two Jeans (Dan).
We fished from 5AM till 1PM and then docked in Meredith where we enjoyed a lunch and some great comraderie at Guiseppes.
Our next fishing "Armada/Bar-b-que" will be August 25th at Tin Boat's on Sewell Point in Wolfeboro.
If you are retired and would like to be an RFP (Retired Fishing Partner), all you have to do is go to our site http://rfp.pattiandken.com or click on the RFP link on this board's home page, and fill in the form. All are welcome.