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Monday Night Squam Rookie Report

Ok, my first contribution to the board after John’s call for participation. I’m just a rookie troller so I wouldn’t expect a ton of technical wisdom here but, if you are like me, you enjoy daydreaming about fishing (and hunting) while tolling away at work by checking this board. So it goes, married with children…. Anyway, you may not learn a lot from me but hopefully you will at least find my posts somewhat entertaining. My evening did not go as planned. First, my energetic German Shorthaired Pointer demanded to tag along. Prior experiments fishing with dog were unsuccessful due this breed’s temperament. Still, he does not want to be on the boat, he wants to be in the water chasing ducks (and all hell breaks loose when one is near). Anyway, I digress. I hit the water before 6pm and headed to my spot. As I neared Moon and Bowman, a family adrift in an older boat waved me down. This resulted in my first tow assist thrashing against the wind and waves. This took nearly an hour off the fishing clock but felt good to help another in need (not to mention it’s the law) and surely, as superstitious fishermen go, this would be good karma for my fishing. Not so much…. I finally put lines in the water about 7pm with silver/copper Sutton 44 spoons on the end. I’ve caught both salmon and rainbow on these lures but like them mainly because they seem to be rookie-proof. That is, the lures speak to you via the rod tip and tell you if you’re driving too fast or too slow. So, sans GPS, one can be assured of the proper action. I trolled for 15-20 minutes each at 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 colors with no bites. I did not necessarily get ‘squammed’ however as a nice 3+ pound smallmouth hit my lure at 5 colors on my way back to the ramp by Perch Island. It put up an Ok fight and, while I was hoping for a bow or salmon, I was at least happy to catch a fish (released unharmed). As for the dog, he thought it was pretty cool. He has a way to go yet, but insofar as fishing goes, so do I.

Re: Monday Night Squam Rookie Report

Always good to see another Squam report, as we are def in the minority here. At least you didn't get Squammed, and built up some Karma points while taking the pooch for a swim. Let us know when you cash in those points and pull in a 5 or 6 pounder.

Re: Monday Night Squam Rookie Report

Just gota love those Sutton spoons(nickle&copper#22) is my personal favorite,caught my first Salmon on one many (never mind) great report keep em comming.