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6/30/10 report

Fished today from 7 to 11 with my daughter Lauren and son Lucas. Fishing was slow, managed 1 fat salmon and 2 lakers. Salmon was at 32 feet and the lakers were caught in over 100' of water. The digi troll downriggers are so cool, this was the first time I fished winni at a depth of over 100'. Just set the rigger to max bottom 125' - 4' off the bottom and let it run!!!! Never a snag on the bottom or a tangle up with the other 2 big jon riggers. If i had the doe I would spring for 2 more of those cannons, they are the nuts.

Have acouple of videos but the kids were acting like goofs in them so they will stay in the family collection.

Was pretty windy but really enjoyed being out there with the 2 of them..... The salmon was very healthy and FAT!!!!!!

Re: 6/30/10 report

Nice report, ilucas. Those digi-trolls are super impressive. Makes everything else pale in comparison. Just wish they weren't so expensive.