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Jim's Fly's and Lures

Got a care package from Jim yesterday, a bunch of new streamer patterns to try, some new YOY Smelt patterns look very promising. He also sent a few Quabbin Specials, been a real killer for me..

Jim makes the super Rod Pumpers, well worth the price, put a Rod Pumper and a G2 Jigger on your boat and you wont need anymore lines.

Also got some more streamers from Cee Dee Streamers (G2 boys) for my vacation, 6 more Squam's Big John (really needed these, thanks) and 3 of his new RJ's Red Grey, looks good, supposedly out fished the Big John in early trials, I doubt it, ha,ha. These were made (and named) for Russ Johnson. Will have to have a "fish off" and fish them side by side to declare a champ, but all Paul's streamers have been super for us.. Paul is also working on a few May Fly (Hex Hatch) patterns, these we will desperatly need, this is a killer on fishing. Hope we don't need em til next year, but I'm pretty sure there will still be some around now for a while still.

Will try to post reports each day of my vacation, hope we have fish to report, the Hex Hatch is about over so fishing shoukd pick up.

Heading north today for 11 days.

Big John

Re: Jim's Fly's and Lures

Thanks John for the post. Jim's site has some very nice looking stuff.

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