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Re: Slide Diver Lite Bite

triple D
John you forgot the shrimp. If your going to catch fish you need shrimp on the barge.I think thats why fishing has been slow.

Good point.

Have a nice vacation in Maine back woods, send in some reports.

Big John

Re: Slide Diver Lite Bite

Try the Champ site. I know a lot of guy's use them there.
Also check the Slide Diver site. They have some tip's there as well. Good luck.

Re: Slide Diver Lite Bite


E-mail me on this I can help....... Dale [Hammer] is my co partner at work! He can help better than I can. I will introduce you to him!!


Re: Slide Diver Lite Bite

I've run them. The concept is great, but they are a little tough to run by yourself. Kind of a handful. Much easier for me to put out a dipsy.The guy that designed them told me that I should at least use 20lb mono for the main line.

You'll find a little piece of vinyl tubing and a spring that comes with your lite bites. The spring is to be used with mono and the vinyl tubing is for braids or wire. Hope that helps.

Re: Slide Diver Lite Bite

Thanks for all the input. Hope to try it out this weekend and will let ya know.