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laurel Lake

5 hrs. on the lake last nite with a co-worker.
Fished with his boat 14' 8 hp one rod each, no fancey stuff great time useing the basics. Caught 2 browns 12" 75' of steel jackass fly.
Got home long after dark. (TKM) the kids ma says where u been?
W replies fish-in.
tkm your boats in the yard!
W went with the other guys boat.
Where did u go?
Laurel lake.
What did u catch?
2 browns
Let me smell your fingers, yup thats brown trout.
tkm What kind of beer were u drinking?
Silver Bullets.
Let me smell your breath yup thats coors!!
W) I ask well what did u do after work?
tkm) went for a horse ride for 2 hrs.
W) so u were in the saddle for 2 hrs?
tkm YUP!
W-Fat Well let me smell your riding chaps.
W-Fat) U sure u wern't fish-in.

Re: laurel Lake

ROFLMAO, Your a bad man W-Fat Take Care God Bless LOL Dave who's still ROFLMAO

Re: laurel Lake

Now that there is a fish Story.....LOL
Does TKM ever read your posts.....You are a brave man!!!

Keep the stories coming.