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Re: Headed to Pittsburg for the weekend....

Hope the weather is better for you than it was for us this past week. Just got back last night. Lot of rain. We didn't fish the lakes. Did a lot of fly fishing. Brookies in the ponds were a lot of fun. Most of the week the streams were too high from all the rain. Still had a great time.

Re: Headed to Pittsburg for the weekend....

We didn't do a ton of fishing and the time we did spent fishing we didn't do so great. We were there with a large crowd so we spent a lot of time pulling the tube around and cruising the lake.

FishRman, we saw your friends a few times. We were the only ones on the lake with them at 1 in the morning. Ask them about the guys in the toon pulling up with the spotlight. It was hilarious, but I think they soiled their pants!

Re: Headed to Pittsburg for the weekend....

Thanks for scaring them I'm sure they were up to no good!

I don't think they caught much either. I heard about 1 small lake trout.