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Thursday report

- Here it is, one of the few guide reports posted this season. I am posting this because I personally feel that our efforts as a group (plus the canceled derby) has already helped the salmon in Winni from what I have boated. I also am a big fan of bringing this board back to the way it was when I first joined. - Thanks Big John

Fished Thursday, two trips on Winni.

Morning bite was hot for me and I didn't see another boat on the water! I saw the Peggy C out there in M-Bay when I was leaving the town docks.

We boated some good quality fish out in the broads. Biggest salmon was 4.1 lbs and biggest rainbow was a hair under 4. Fished some heavy winds saw a few 4'rs out there. Riggers showed me nothin! Lead was hot all 5-7 colors.

The afternoon bite shut down for us and I was pretty disappointed. Only boated a few fish but one was an awesome rainbow!

Hot color for me was Chappy sexy smelt! Only one lure was productive - one of Alan's August Smiles

Thank you all for your efforts in helping to preserve our awesome fishery. Good luck to all fishing this weekend, have a safe weekend!

If you want to give me XXXX for posting, my number is on my website.

Cody Dodds

Re: Thursday report

Thanks everyone for the reports . Keep them coming. The board is getting interesting again.Looks like winni is alive and well.Now if we could just get some good reports from the other salmon lakes.These are the lakes that need to be fixed.

Re: Thursday report

Nice report Cody. Sounds like some good fish.
Was actually on the water for the first time since I went out with you. It was the shakedown cruise for my boat and we were on Big John's lake. Did not drop a line just cruised tying to figure way around the lake. We'll try to take grandsons out today. Will most likely do some warm water fishing with them. They told me they wanted to catsh some bass...Big John can you give me any spots for this so I can look good in front of the boys? We will be putting in over by Sturevant Bay.......Have a good July 4 th everyone!